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Hi there

as most of u peeps know i am noob when comes to plasmas and stuff but have learnt a lot

i have just bought Pio 436XDE just need to know how to install it

the wall that i am wanting to put it on has big bricks at the back, its like main wall of the room but infront of that there is plaster board aswell. I have hit the board and u can tell there is some wood behind there but i am pretty sure probs not in middle of the room

So can i just get a big screw and drill a hole so it goes throught the plasterboard and then into the wall

any advice much appriciated


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Big screws, through the plasterboard and into the bricks and it won't fall off the wall (rawlplugs into the holes that you drill).


Just one point to bear in mind, if the plasterboard is spaced away from the wall, when the screws are tightened, it may cause cracks in the finish plaster on the surface.
If there is a gap, it will be necessary to cut a larger hole in the plasterboard & fit a spacer between the bracket & the bricks, so that when the screws are tightened, the bracket is not being pulled against the plasterboard.

Joe Fernand

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You need to know Zero about PlasmaTV technology to hang one on a wall - well nearly Zero; you need to know two things:

01. Its expensive!
02. Its relatively heavy!

Call in a builder and ask them to install the wall bracket for you - otherwise double check your Insurance cover is good for a broken PlasmaTV due to botched DIY :)

Best regards

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