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    Thought someone may be interested to hear some details of my VPL30 install.

    After a bit of dithering as to how to mount the PLV30 to the ceiling without it being an eyesore, and being concerned about the amount of fan noise (which I found objectionable, covering up dialogue on quiet scenes unless the amp was set really high) my girlfriend jokingly suggested I put the projector in the hallway outside and cut a hole in the wall.

    So I did......

    Works like a charm, a large wooden box is less of a problem on the hall ceiling than in the sitting room, in that room I just have a 3inch by 3 inch hole cut up near the ceiling and covered with a little miniature picture frame with the glass left in but the backing removed. The amount of difference to the fan noise is incredible- putting the projector in the other room cut it by half, but putting the glass over the hole probably reduces it by another 2/3rds.

    Best bit is she cant really complain- it was her idea after all. :^)


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