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I've got an audio file of funky house mixes which was mixed for me by a friend of mine. However, the nature of dance mixes is that the whole mix is a single MP3. Thing is, a lot of the tracks aren't to my liking and so I'd like to be able to skip over them. Is there any way I can stick track marks into the MP3, effectively cutting it into multiple MP3s and therefore allowing me to listen to the tracks I want? Someone mentioned getting Roxio's Toast with Jam but that doesn't seem to boast about having such a feature.



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There are literally dozens of MP3 splitters out there - mostly shareware. Any one will do the job. Just type "Mp3 Splitters" into Google and stand well back...


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Remember if you split the file you may get gaps depending on the player you use.

That said, I'd also prefer individual tracks to one that's been joined together.


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I've managed to find software (Cool MP3 Splitter) which divides the music up. Only issue I have now is that I have no way of finding out the lengths of the individual tracks. However, my mate told me he's stuck a 'hi-hat' sound in at the joining of each track. Is there software which will auto-locate such a sound or else pick up what it thinks may be the divide in the tracks and insert a mark for me? 74 minutes of music is a lot to look through when you're searching for a couple of seconds of hi-hat.

All help is appreciated...

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