Insane but, can I disconnect my cooling fans?!?!


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Hello everybody, its my first post so please be gentle :)

After divulging mucho info from numerous sources (including this site, I thank you :smashin: ) and viewing some demos instore I took the plunge around a month ago to replace my old Sony Wega 28" with a Tosh 26WL46. Picked it up from Powerhouse for the princely sum of 800 squids, a bargain!

After much tweaking I can say that I am happy with the PQ, however the big minus point of the set for me is the cooling fans are doing my head in! Its coming to the point at which I'm thinking of getting rid for a quieter set!! It is very noticeable at low - moderate volume levels in my living room where I am sat approx 8-10 feet from the screen.

Insane but, can I disconnect my cooling fans?!?!

Does anyone know if its possible to disconnect these fans, the implications on cooling for the screen (which gets very warm) and whether it would be foolish to do this? I am aware I will invalidate my warranty.

Many thanks for any pointers :)

[edit] I've edited the title of the thread to catch any 26WL46 owners and get their feedback - cheers

[edit] bugger, thread title doesn't edit - doh!


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I did'nt think any of the Toshiba LCD sets had fans in them.

Is it not the backlight making a humming noise?


Although I don't know the specifics of your screen here's a few general tips:

1. Heat kills electronics very very fast.

2. If fans are present, usually it's for good reason. Fans add cost and complexity to the design & manufcaturing, so if they can skimp, they would.

3. Many fans are cheap and nasty, thus noisy; by putting high quality similarily rated fans in you can get the noise down signifiicantly. This is a typical trick used on PC's to quiet them down. I've done this with noisy powersupplies (if you don't know what you're doing: firehazard!)

A good source of low-noise fans (panaflo) is: low price and reliable.

Basic parameters for fans:

CFM: amount of air shifted: more is better
Db, dba, sone, bels: noise level. Less is better
rpm: revolution per minute: less is better
diameter: bigger is better, because it allows you to shift more air (CFM) at less rpm, so less noise.
voltage: most PC fans run at 12v, certain tricks/components reduce voltage to 7v, making it run at less RPM.

what you want to do:
1. open up the screen
2. check the type of fan -> how many leads, voltage, dimensions, connector etc
3. If possible, look up the fan's CFM specification.
4. find nearest equivalent fan.
5. Snip fan fires only if there's no connector. Snip in the middle so you can easily solder away from circuit boards (the heat of your soldering iron can kill!) or reattach manually.

If you have more than 2 leads, you're likely to be dealing with rpm monitoring or maybe a temp sensor. Could be tricky predict what substite fan you will need.


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thanks for the feedback :)

damian - don't think its to do with the backlight settings, however I do know I have it at full brightness as otherwise the picture is too dark with not enough contrast between dark textures on screen. will check it out later

freek - thats good advice mate, and thanks for that. I have a quiet fan on my pc come to think of it.

I think I will pull off the back of the set and have a poke round, and see if its possible to swap the fans out... if not I fear she'll be on ebay shortly, and the hunt will resume once more



I'd hold ya horses if I were you on this one mate, I can't find the thread, but I seem to recall there being a hefty one on Toshiba's and humming noises, think it was with the 27" model, but worth a read anyway.

I was also under the impression LCD's don't have fans, only Plasmas do.......but I could be wrong.



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well I adjusted the backlight settings last night and it made no difference. there is a whirring fan type noise emanating from the rear of the panel - presumably made by cooling fans. no amount of setting the display properties altered the noise either...

anyone else have this set and have the same noise?


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me no understandy... how do you mean? I didn't take the rear panel off last night if thats what you're asking.

the noise starts as soon as I turn it on, stays constant no matter the display settings, and goes off when I switch it off...

shame really as its spoiling my enjoyment of the set, its always there, niggling away into my brain! :mad:

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