Inrease my Wifi Range at home?


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I live in the sticks so to speak & my Internet is very very poor. When downstairs I can use IPad no problem although it's slow but I also like to lie in bed before I go to sleep on my IPad but where my bed is I am at the very end of the Wifi reception as it is either only on 1 bar or it's drops out.

What options do I have to increase my Wifi range so I can use my iPad when in bed.



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on the cheap you could maybe put the router on an extension into the hall or something.D-Link DIR-645 has excellent range put your talking £80,also maybe look at a homeplug but i imagine the price will be similar.


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My Belkin router can also be set up as an access point. It is hard wired to my BT Home hub and simple acts as a wireless access point. I use it to provide a 5GHz network to the "East Wing"


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I currently use an Orange Livebox so not sure if this effects anything?

Happy to spend a bit to get decent Wifi upstairs


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dont know anything about the livebox,i presume its just a router that you can replace with the new unit unless it comes with something bundled,better that someone who uses one replies.


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Don't laugh, but I have tried (after much skepticism) this self made gadget. It actually works.
It only costs pence, so well worth a try.

"How To Make A Cheap WindSurfer Antenna to Boost Wifi Signal"




Is this price real?

Don't forget to go into settings and check the channels- it should be set to auto but you can go through each channel one by one and see which is best: other routers, dect phones, microwaves and other assorted devices we never thought would interfere with wifi infact can infact affect it.

I was planning ot move my router into the hall near the master socket (apparently it will be faster) but it is staying upstairs at the corner of the house where the router's power is wasted :laugh: but the desktop needs a wired connection and still wired connections are more secure.

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