Inquiry- 1st HTS purchases (AVR,LCR,surrounds,sub)


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Hey mates, I just placed my orders today for most of my budget HTS. Tell me what you think of my purchases along with your opinion on each component.

I started off with the heartbeat getting a Yamaha RX-V681BL 7.2ch AVR factory refurb for $300

Yamaha RX-V681

Next I purchased a BIC America FH6-LCR for my center channel for $109

BIC America Formula FH6-LCR Dual 6.5-Inch 175-Watt LCR Speaker Single -

Next I purchased Polk T15’s for my FL and FR channels for $59 (remember, budget build)

Next I will be using some older Kenwood bookshelf speakers (8omh 50wt RMS) [already owned]

kenwood bookshelf speakers - Google Search:

Finally I purchased the Polk PSW10 for my subwoofer (initially was going to get a PSW505 until seller quit responding [used unit] so I settled with a new psw10) for $89

Polk Audio PSW10 (Black)

So please give me your initial opinions on my purchases and individual components. I’m mainly curious how you guys feel about the T15’s. I read plenty reviews regarding all components listed plus many more for many weeks and frequently stated with the T15’s was they were being used for Rear channels rather than front.

I was looking between these and the Polk monitor 40s series 2 and hoping I didn’t make a big mistake regarding my FL-FR based on $40 savings. The monitor 40s are listed on Newegg currently for $99 but would have exceeded my total budget. Appreciate any thoughts you all may have.

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