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I have a Yamaha RN602 and (a newly acquired) Yamaha CD S300.

I have a TV playing via Optical 1 and a CCA in Optical 2 (as part of a CCA household set up).

There isn't a 3rd optical in for the CD.
The system is used mainly for TV and streaming via the MusicCast app so CCA and CD are both playing second fiddle here.

Do I go analogue out from the CD (in Pure Direct mode) or I notice there are optical splitters available. Any opinions on those?

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I believe the DAC in the CD player is the same as in the amp. Plug the player into the CD RCA input on the back of the amp.

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Currently RCA out.
The other option is Coax but not sure if the PD works with that.


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There are optical switches available. For example Amazon product or Amazon product. There are even automatic switches, which saves having to operate the switch, such as Amazon product.

You do not want a splitter - that's for connecting one CD player to two amplifiers simultaneously, which is not your problem.

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