Input lag when connecting PS5 to V6A to LG CX


I just got my first A/V receiver, the Yamaha RX-V6A. I connected the Yamaha video out to the TV (ARC input) and the PS5 to the Yamaha. When playing a game, there seems to be a bit of input lag that is noticeable. What could be the cause of this?

I'm not too keen on going through so many settings... if I were to go back to connecting the PS5 straight to the TV, how would I get the TV's audio out to the receiver, and which input source would I use on the receiver?

I'm very new to all of this. Thank you.


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The only thing that would ordinarilly cause noticable lag is video processing. If you've engaged any video processing on the AV receiver then try disengaging it and passing the video through unadulterated.

There may still be some latency and this is why many serious gamers prefer to connect their consoles directly to the display as opposed to passing the signal through an intermediary device such as an AV receiver. Maybe consider this as an option and use eARC to enable you to pass the audio through the TV and out to the AV receiver. This woould mean that you'd lose the ability to access DTS encoded audio sourced via the console though, due to the LG TV's lack of support for DTS.

If using eARC then you'd need to turn eARC on from within the TV's audio settings. Set the Digital Audio Output option to PASS THROUGH. On the AV receiver, turn ARC on fropm within the HDMI configurations. The AV receiver would automatically switch itself to the appropriate source if and when you turn the TV to the HDMI input the PS5 is connected to, The AUDIO 1 source is the source the AV receiver would switch itself to in such instances. It is the same source that the AV receiver switches itself to if using ARC in association with the TV's own smart apps. Make sure that the AV receiver is connected to the HDMI 2 input on the TV. THis input is the only input on the TV that is ARC/eARC enabled.


Thank you! I just tried all that, and when I play something on/from the TV, the input mode changes to TV, and the sound is incomplete. It's like only bits of the soundtrack to the show?

I chose ARC as the output mode on the TV and enabled eARC. Not sure if I am doing something wrong, or need an eARC-compliant HDMI cable.

Correction -- the audio does work on my TV (with input mode = TV) when I just play from a USB flash drive, but it didn't work on Amazon Prime.
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Hi, is the lag on the visuals or audio? I have same exact hardware ans had audio lag..solved by setting PS5 to prefer PCM instead of DD.


It's visual lag. I just have the PS5 on the TV for now...

I got a new eARC HDMI 2.1 cable and the issues seem to be mostly at rest... the Prime Video glitch seems to be just that, with Prime Video. Thank you all for your help, and I'm sure I'll have more questions soon!


Eh, yeah, I don't know. The only device (blu ray player) that's hooked up directly to the Yamaha works just fine, but most everything hooked up to the TV with a brand new HDMI cable, including the PS5 (random audio cut outs), flash drive (no dialogue, only some music/SFX), and Netflix/Amazon (no dialogue, only music), don't work. Not sure what else to try here?


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My PS5 occasionally does the same thing on my LG G1 series it also did it on my old C1 series.

Your Yamaha Receiver may be affected by the HDMI 2.1 Bug
You can find out more here:
Update for HDMI 2.1 Compatibility of Select 2020 AV Receivers with Certain Gaming, Video Devices (September 2021) - Yamaha USA

My Denon AVR-S920W had a game mode which reduced input lag.
My 2021 Pioneer Elite VSX-LX305 does not, the input lag makes it unsuitable for gaming.
My ps5 and Xbox Series X are both connected to the TV.


I do have my PS5 connected to the TV, and I still get audio lag when it's set to HDMI ARC. I have to use the TV's internal speakers.

I don't have this issue with smart TV features, including USB, for HDMI ARC.

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