Innovative way of placing centre speaker?


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I have a standard sized centre speaker (450x100x100 approx), and a tv stand (Ikea Besta) with internal shelves arranged in a "+" shape, with doors. As such, I cannot place my centre speaker within the cabinet, as a)there is no space, as it's all taken up with source equipment, and b) it would not lie dead centre.

The speaker is currently residing behind my LCD, which is far from ideal. I'd like to somehow bring it forward, but the speaker is too deep to place in front of the TV, and it also wobbles due to the tv's attached base.

I considered mounting the TV on the wall, as this would solve the issue. However, I am moving out in the next few months, so isn't really worth the investment.

I'm currently thinking of constructing an extra "box" for the speaker to sit in, and place the TV on top, but am worried this would detract from the look of the arrangement (pics in sig).

Could anyone please lend some creativity in how I can move the speaker into a more prominent position, without the need for any wall-based DIY work?

Thank you


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Exactly, thank you.

I think if I can get similar legs to the cabinet to use for the plinth, it shouldn't look too "makeshift".

Any idea on what wood would be best to use? Needs to be white, but obviously not fibreboard.


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The member who has created that stand,Pabulous,has used a "Lack" coffee table that he has adapted.they are available in white at £12.99

Time for a little Plagiarism?


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