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Injury Imposed Drought


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This is getting ridiculous. I haven't really taken any photos for around 4 months now, not even picked up my camera! Why? Because I've knackered my arm and can't lift the camera!

Back in May last year I noticed pain in my forearm all of a sudden, literally one second it's not there, the next it is. I thought I must have strained something even though I have no idea how and thought nothing more of it.

8 months later and I can barely lift a cup of tea without it hurting. In actual fact it's not the lifting but the putting down. In other words I can lift heavy things but as soon as I let go of them my arm is killing me and I can barely lift my hand to my face!

My GP says that I have tendonitis and gave me some cream but it's still no good. Seriously how long does it take for tendonitis to heal? I took the camera out during the snow and was able to shoot about 10 frames before it started to hurt so much that I had to put the camera away again. 10 frames in 4 months!! I might as well sell all my gear at this rate :(

There's no real reason for this post I suppose, just venting frustration as I keep seeing lots of great photos being posted on here and quite frankly it's torture so will you all please either stop posting your photos or start taking rubbish ones ;)



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I think you should ask your GP to refer you to a specialist. That's why they are there...specializing in certain aspects of medicine :)


I think you should ask your GP to refer you to a specialist. That's why they are there...specializing in certain aspects of medicine :)


Sorry to hear about your problems.

I agree - this is going on way too long so insist on getting a second opinion and I'd even consider a trip to A&E if you're still getting nowhere - at least you might get some Xrays done to see if the problem is getting worse.

I really thought they would have tried some steroid injections at least by now - if it's lasted this long rubbing cream on it isn't really going to help.

Have you checked this out ?

Tendonitis - Treatment

Hope it gets sorted out soon :)



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I am sorry to say that i have experience of this first hand .
Ask your G P about physio therapy.
Did your G P perscribe capsican cream or similar its based on chiilies.
An injection of steroids and some form of anaesthetic can relieve symtoms and help the healing process.
Make sure you see the same G P each time so they remember you.
Try to find ways of doing the things that you enjoy I use a monopod to help support the weight.
Hope the information helps and that you improove soon.


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Cheers all.

The cream the GP gave me was some kind of non steroid cream, I can't remember the name of it at the moment. I have to say that this did work wonders in that literally 30 seconds after rubbing it in the pain went away completely. The trouble is that the GP said to only use it for 2 weeks because it effects your blood pressure and since stopping using it the pain just comes back. In other words it just seems that the cream gets rid of the pain without fixing the cause.

It's just so frustrating because most of the time I forget about it and it's only when I then try to use it does it hurt like hell.

I have tried using a monopod and that kinda works but I normally focus with my bad arm and that's too painful which means I have to hold the monopod with my bad arm and focus with my good and it just gets clumsy and I end up missing the shot.

Still I can't really complain, not with all the really bad stuff that's happening in the world which puts my trivial ailment into perspective!


Have you got a Compact P&S you could perhaps use for a while ?


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