Inherited Vintage Sony TA-515, PS-212,TC-U5,TA-515 in cabinet are they worth anything?


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Just inherited father in law's Sony TA-515, PS-212,TC-U5,TA-515 ss-2050 in cabinet with manuals, we have teenagers and don't want it getting hammered after he took so much care of it for 40+ years so we're wondering if there is a market for this type of thing?


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You've listed TA515 twice?

There seems to be a demand for anything retro with VU meters, how much of a demand is another matter. Keep an eye on this Ebay listing & see what happens with it.


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There is a market but the one on eBay seems horrendously over-priced. A quick search on HiFi Shark shows a mint, boxed TA-515 went for £140. Of course a whole system in a cabinet will go for more. These are gorgeous bits of retro hifi and I’m sure many would be interested but I guess you have to weigh us the potential price with the sentimental value.

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