Inherited Lightwave RF kit... help getting set up / things to know...


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We just bought a house and moved in, and inherited a bunch of Lightwave RF kit, and i'm just looking for some tips / good-to-know things as I get set up. We're an Apple / iOS household, and i'm encouraged by mention of HomeKit compatibility.

The previous owner left what he referred to as 'the lightwave hub' in the office area, which i've plugged into my router. I also downloaded a couple of iOS apps which seemed appropriate - one older and slightly crappier one which allowed me to register and pair with the hub, and one which seems to need a newer version of the hub. My hub, judging by the Lightwave site, seems to be the LW930 - it says 'JS JS Designs' on the back. Anyway, I have it paired to the app (I think) and it has a steady green light.

I guess the next step will be to pair the various dimmers and power sockets (look like L21/L23 or LW430/LW450 dimmers, and L42 smart sockets).

Question - will I get HomeKit integration with this setup, or do I need to get a newer hub?

Anyone else have any tips / pointers / insights? I'm just figuring out as I go along.



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You will only get HomeKit integration with the newer link plus hub, and although you will be able to connect all the newer smart devices L21 etc and the older connect devices to the newer hub, you will only be able to control the newer smart devices through homekit integration.


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Hey, thanks for the reply. That sucks, sounds like no Homekit joy for me then. I might look into getting a newer hub. Thanks!

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