Information on connecting Denon DVD/Xbox/Freeview/PS2/Plasma


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I was after a little advise on connections. I have recently got a Denon DHT500SD which looks like this. I also have a Samsung PS42S5H which has:

2 Scart (Ext1 and 2)
1 Component in
1 S-Video in
1 PC input
1 PC Audio in
1 Ariel in
1 Video in (AV)
1 Audio in (AV)
1 Video out (AV)
1 Audio out (AV)

I also have a freeview box with 1 Ariel in, 1 Ariel out and a scart connection, a Xbox and a PS2.

My question is how do I connect all of these together so that i can leave the plasma on 1 channel? I would like some kind of switch box that would connect them all together and enable me to select which device I want. I have tried putting everything through the DVD player and have had limited success. I managed to connect an optical lead from the Xbox to the DVD player and then run a video lead into video 2 but the picture would not output through the component leads, only through "monitor out".

Is the answer to get a switch box with a few scarts, component and then everything outputs down 1 HDMI cable? Don't know if that exists.

Thanks for any help.


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The DHT500SD obivously doesn't up-convert video which is why the picture doesn't come out through the component output!

It will be very costly to convert all the feeds to HDMI and even more expensive to switch them!


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So, what would you suggest?


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The high-end A/V amps will provide you with the ability to up-convert your video signals, but they would render the surround sound element of your DHT500 redundant.

Another option could be to invest in a programmable remote and setup programs to turn/switch between sources, this would select the source on your DHT and change the input line on your TV.

Alternatively you could just switch between component and composite inputs on the TV when you want to switch from one source to another....

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