Information about R1 films being available before/while they are released in the UK

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Glyn, Oct 31, 2000.

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    IS there a site (or a willing person/site master) who can send out email fliers/lists on films that can be gotten before they are released in the UK?

    Such as Blair witch (out weeks before release in UK), stuart little (while) and also Romeo must die (out before film!)

    IF you all catch my drift, why pay up to £5 each to go the flicks (Nearest to me has Dolby surround , urrrgghhh), when you could just import it (play247?, TOP SERVICE), and only pay £11 more!

    The films may not be good but it is a talking point.

    Oh and it will be good when every tom, dick and harry says that he has the pirate copy of whatever and do you want to watch the "blurry, recorded through somebodys jacket", that has been recorded from the pictures. you can just say that you have it on DVD!

    No mother, You HAVE to watch it this loud, it is a waste of money otherwise.

    "I want to tell you a secret, I EAT dead people!"

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