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InFocusIN72 or ToshibaMT400?


Standard Member
Well so far i've got it down to these two in my pack of top trumps (entitled: projectors i can nearly afford):

The Tosh: about 100 quid more but is WXGA has a ratio of 3000:1 with 850 lumens, versus: Infocus is WVGA has a ratio 2000:1 but 900 lumens...

Does anyone have any experience of either or both?

I intend to watch telewest/dvds in a lounge with one window and dimmer lights, all the time.

Any thoughts welcome...




The Tosh is only 1024 x 576 not 1280x720. Is this at all relevent?

Is it the MT700 you are after because that's their Hi-Def one so more of a direct comparison

Arrrrrrrrrgh am I getting my 72s confoosed...

Oh just ignore me i'm going totally mad!!


Pop up Dragon

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I was speaking to CSE today about some spares for my 5700 and the chap did say that the IN72 dropped in price to £650 today!!If that is the case thats one 'eck of a good deal.:clap: :clap: :clap:

Crocodile JD

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The Tosh is only 1024 x 576 not 1280x720. Is this at all relevent?
The IN72 is only 824x420. The only slight negative I've heard for the MT400 is the fan noise, but i've also heard that the InFocus still isn't great in that area either.



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- i am erring to the MT400 at this point...esp if it's at a cheaper price. When i get the spondies at thend of August shall buy and let you know.

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