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I've got an Infocus X9, with the main things I plug into it being a Cambridge Audio DVD player and my Wii.

The DVD player has outputs on the back for Y, Cb/Pb + Cr/Pr outputs on the back:

I was hoping to plug these into the RGB inputs on the back of my X9 - but I get a very strong purple wash across the whole screen (I'm using a decent Component cable). Are they incompatible, I just assumed they were the same thing.

The RGB inputs on the X9 work fine if I use a component cable from my Wii.

Thanks in advance.



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First thing to do is to have a look at the inputs on the X9 and see how they are labeled. They are likely to be component inputs rather than rgb so they should be labelled the same as your dvd player. If that's the case then you might want to check and see that the component output from the dvd player is turned on (on a menu somewhere) and that the input on the projector is also set to component (also on a menu) although it seems to be on since your Wii is OK).

Component and rgb aren't the same. The component inputs just happen to be coloured green, red and blue.


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