Infocus X9 HDMI problem

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Hi All,
I think my query/issue is similar to another post about Sky/HDMI, so apologies if this covers some of the same ground.

I've been using the x9 with PS3 via HDMI fine for about 3 months. Then I attached a laptop Acer ASPIRE but could not get a picture. When I then put the HDMI lead back into the projector then that too stopped displaying the image. The projector scans through the input sources and lingers on HDMI for about 15 seconds before moving on. Occasionally the X9 does project a blue screen for a second or two, but then this clears. Both laptop and PS3 HDI work fine with a TV, so source & cables are all fine, therefore my suspicions lie with the projector. Its an excellent projector when it works and all other sources are fine

As an aside I've tried registering the projector on the infocus site, so I can raise a query with them, but registration bombs out with a not very informative

"Creation has been canceled".

red & misspelt error message. Their actual online form for support bombed out with a 'truncation' error, and no one answers their support number, so any help here would be greatly appreciated.



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I have exactly the same problem, I think the hdmi port on the X9 is broken by the cheap analog hdmi switch I have, which is fully mechanical. I might have forgotten to power down both devices once when switching.

I use my X9 with a UPC digital HD decoder and geforce 8600GTS PC, none of them work over HDMI anymore.

Do you have an electronic hdmi switch?

Any progress yet?


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