Infocus X2


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Details from Infocus's website.........


Aspect Ratio: 4:3 and 16:9
Brightness: 1500 max ANSI lumens (standard mode) 1100 max ANSI lumens (whisper mode)
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1 full on/full off
Data Compatibility: SVGA, VGA, XGA, Macintosh®
Display: DLP™by Texas Instruments®: 0.55" SVGA DDR DMD
Image Size (diagonal): 2.7’ to greater than 21.6’ (0.8 m to greater than 6.5 m)
Light Source: 200W SHP/3000 hours
Native Resolution: SVGA 800 x 600
Projection Lens: Zoom lens with manual focus and manual zoom adjust
Projection Methods: Front, ceiling, rear
Throw Ratio: .89 to 2.27:1 (D/W), 1.51 to 1.82:1 (D/D)
Video Compatibility: NTSC, PAL, SECAM, DVI, HDTV (1080i, 720p, and 480p)
Minimum Projection Distance: 1.5 m (maximum distance 9.8 m)
Zoom Ratio: 1.2:1


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looks like they have just made it a tad brighter


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unless they have done other improvements, it looks like a lead balloon.


agreed.... with people giving off stink about NEC only using xga panels, this surely wont get far...


Paul Williams

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There has been talk of this unit for sometime in the US and it is aimed at the business market (no mention of Faroudja DCDi). The Screenplay 4805 is the home theatre version (not yet released). This I believe is to stop the current situation of the X1/4800 being recognised as the same machine. Try this link for 37 pages of the 4805 thread on Avsforum.


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