Infocus X2 £289 at pcworld


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Hi, i'm looking at purchasing my first DLP projector, and on a very strict budget. I dont really have enough for a mt200 from dabs, but can affors the X2 now its only 289 at pcworld.

Please can someone advise on whether this is worth a purchase at this price, i'm looking to run my non hd sky through it, my ps2, and sony dvd player.

If i get enough " yeah go for it" answers i'm gonna purchase tomoz.

Cheers in advance



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Wow that is cheap, i might be tempted myself! :thumbsup:

rob roberts

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For that kind of money you cant really go wrong, can you? I wish i didn't know now, i have been thinking of putting another pj in my lounge as well as the av room and for that price its a temptation to say the least.


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The X2 is quite good. A friend of my owns it and it is good for a all purpuse use.

What is happening to the prices? crashing like anything. The lamp itself is worth £150-200 quid. So you get the PJ at 70-100 quid.



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That's just too tempting. I saw an X2 after I bought my Acer P12 for £550 2 years ago and the X2 pummled it. For only a bit more than a new bulb I might have to pay them a visit.

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