Infocus X10 IN82 won't power on. New bulb sign


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My Infocus IN82 stopped powering up. I assumed it was the bulb and bought an eBay bulb for 90 pounds.

The problem is, whichever bulb I use in the projector, it just gives me the "bulb warning" light when plugged in.

Is this a known issue? Could it be a capacitor, or even the entire ballast?

I'd rather spend a bit more on this projector than buying an entirely new setup.


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Did you ever get to the bottom of the IN82 lamp issue? I have something similar. Bulb went (or so I thought) and I got a replacement one. I fitted it and powered it up. It did come on for a few seconds but then the red warning light came on. Not sure if the new bulb has blown or if there is another issue.
I have cleaned out all vents and filters inside so it's not a temperature / cooling issue.
Can anyone help?
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