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Hi there I own a perfectly good Davis DLS8 projector (brighter DL450) which cost around £3000 three years ago.
The projector is coupled to an iScan Pro and performs very well but is now getting a little long in the tooth.
The Infocus X1 is getting rave reviews and has Faroudja technology onboard, it can be had for as little as £760 in the UK.
Do any X1 owners still have a Davis projector or used to own one, if so how do they compare?

Thank's Mikedes

Peter Parker

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Hi Mike,

I used to own the DLS8, and I've since seen the X1. From what I remember, the X1 reminded me of the Davis picture I had fed via HTPC, but in effect with the HTPC built in (Faroudja DCDi). The main differences being no light overspill outside the picture area, the contrast ratio, and the onboard processing you've already mentioned. IIRC, the Iscan image was only 640 x 480 when ran into the DLS8, so you'll see a resolution advantage too.

The DLS8 has a max 500:1 contrast ratio IIRC, but the infocus is rated at 2000:1, which drops down to 1400:1 in video mode - it switches off the white segment of the colour wheel which is another advantage over the DLS8 (though you can black this out if you don't mind opening it up). They'll probably be less in real terms, but still more than double the DLS8 I would think.

Overall it will be an improvement, and I think the more you get for the DLS8 when you sell it, the better the returns will be for your money. I think this could be one of those few times where the cost of upgrading could only be a few hundred pounds at worst.

Try the classifieds and see how much you get - the DLS8 would be a good starter pj for someone - how many hours on the lamp?

RTFM on this forum has more experience than me with both the Davis and the X1, so hopefully he'll have some further comments or corrections to add to mine.



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The Davis & iScan setup was very good in its day, the main problem was the Davis could not scale up the iScan's 640x480 to it's native res of 800x600 so resulted in a smaller picture, not using the whole DLP panel
The X1 is a nice unit for the money. Check that rainbows are not a problem for you as they show up a lot more as the brighness and contrast are much higher than the Davis.


Hi guys I'm puzzled that you say the iScan only gave 640 x 480 as mine has always given the full 800 x 600.
Mine is an iScan Pro were yours the originall iScan's which I believe did only output 640 x 480?

I have to say that the picture I get is very good and the bulb only has 400 hours on it which gives me the dilema I find myself in.
On the one hand I could run it until it dies but then it will be worthless, on the other hand I could sell it and the iScan now then buy an IBM iLV300 (X1 clone in Black) for £675 inc VAT and get a three year warranty together with todays technology.
Problem is I'm not totally convinced it will perform better than the Davis.

I guess that the contrast level of the X1 would be better for darker films like Lord of the Rings etc and the X1 is considerably quieter at 37dB against 45dB for the Davis.
What other advantages are there?

If you were me what would you do? (open to everyone)


Peter Parker

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I saw and bought an NEC HT1000, then sold my DLS8.

Ideally you should get a few demos and see for yourself. Projectors have come a long way in three years, and the only way to decide if an upgrade is worthwhile is to see some.

Finding a good dealer who knows how to set them up correctly in appropriate conditions is the real trick though IMHO.


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