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I just picked up the InFocus from CostCo during their recent sale. This is my first projector and I am reasonably happy with it. I am having an odd problem, first none of the menus match those in the instruction book (for example, under the picture menu, I have an option to set Gamma in this menu and it is not shown in the manual.) OK, maybe the manual was written for an earlier version of the firmware… but that is not the strangest part. The menus under “picture->advanced” have changed on me. When I first got turned the projector, there were only a few choices under “Picture->advanced”, the were, Chroma Detail, Luma Detail, Noise Reduction, CCS, Sharpness, Color Temperature, and Overscan. At one point, I had several more options under “Picture->Advanced” including Color Space, Sync Threshold, and maybe a few others. I also had the ability to set color gains as well as color offsets under the color adjustment tab. Then, just as mysteriously as all those options appeared, they went away again. I think I saw this happen on a store model as well. I was trying to adjust the color on it, and at one point, I just had color offsets, and at another point I had color offsets and color gain adjustments. Has anyone else seen or imagined that they have seen this? Does anyone know how these menu options get triggered? I don’t really need any of the controls that I cannot get to now, but the spontaneous change is driving me nuts.

I would just flash the unit with the latest firmware, but I am a little concerned after reading reports about the lamp flickering. The minor keystone bug is not really a huge deal. Currently my software version is 1.0.2, Boot Version 1.3, and OEM version 1.0.


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Ive got the 5700 and mine does the same but if you connect a dvd player a with a disk in all the options return but when connected to sky/freeview box their gone.


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You dont have the very latest firmware so the menus shouldn't have changed from the manual, but various menu options can change depending on what source you have connected to it. For instance, some options available with a PC connected, may not be available when a DVD player is connected and visa versa. Also 'tint' is not available with PAL DVDs, only NTSC ones.
I found that after I read the manual for initial set-up, I just refer to the onscreen menus for adjustments. I found that with the latest firnware, I get a slight lamp flicker noticeable mostly in darker scenes so i went back to the original firmware and all is now fine so I'd stick with what you have .


Thanks. I think I got it figured out. When the input is set to 480i, the color and tint options appear in the picture menu, but I only have color offest control in the picture->advanced->color menu. When the input is set to 480p, the color and tint controls are gone, but I can adjust both color offset and color gain in the picture->advanced->color menu. For some other setting, some menu options are greyed out, rather than completely gone. I have no clue as to why the color adjustment would need to be different for different types of input. I find it much easier to adjust color with a 'color' and 'tint' control than trying to tweak individual color gains, and I can see absolutley no difference between 480p and 480i inputs, so I guess I will stick with 480i. (I am not a believer in 'true color' or 'color accurancy', I think that color is a matter of taste and I like my movies with more color than real life and I like to tweak color.) The instructions try to differentiate between a 'video' source and a 'computer' source, and it seems that a 480p is treated like a computer source. I have not foudn the instructions to be overly helpful.

I still think that I may have seen bug at some point. I know that at some point with a 480p input that I did not have the color gain controls and I think that I had a non-functioning color and tint control, only to have the color gain controls appear at a later time. I was tweaking a lot of stuff, and I was not writing anything down, so I can really prove it. The menus still do not match the instructions.

I am seriously liking this projector. It is so much nicer now that I have all the wires run thru the attic and walls. I am going to have to build a little recessed alcove in the ceiliing this weekend to hide the screen when it is not in use, but I don't think that will be too hard to do. I think this projector will hold me over unitl I can justify a 3-DMD modulated OLED illuminated HD projector to go with my Blue-ray DVD drive.

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