Infocus SP 4805 Connection Problem


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I'm a bit confused - hopefully this isn't a daft question but I would really apreciate some help!
I have got a Pioneer 656 dvd player with component video out and I have purchased a convertor box to make this a hdmi signal.

When I connect my hdmi - dvi cable and then plug into the m1-dvi adaptor on my infocus sp4805 I get no signal.

All the individual parts work as I've tested each with th projector or my Panasonic Viera TV.

Will replacing the hdmi-dvi cable and the dvi-m1 adaptor with one m1 - hdmi cable solve my problem? Or am I barking up the wrong tree and need to get a new DVD player? (if so it would need to be multi-region and not too expensive)

Many thanks for any help!



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Why not just plug the DVD into the projector with a component cable?

There is no point converting component to HDMI then sending it to the projector.


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i have a similar setup mate, same projector but pioneer 575 dvd player, connected via component this gives a great picture, if you have two component devices you wish to connect try using the the component switching on your av amp if you have one.


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Thanks guys - I used to connect via the component but a mate has been using the m1 connection and it gives a noticeably better picture.

I am hanging out for digital but waiting to see who will win out HD or BluRay before I buy a new player.

Just got an email back from Cable Universe where I bought the adaptor asking how long the dvi - hdmi cable i'm using is. They think it should work :eek: guess if I have to replace that cable it wouldn't be too bad....

Will let you know what they say........

Just had a phone call (hats off to this company - they are really helpful!) should work but doesn't so have put it down to an incompatibity problem and I can return it.

Back to the old drawing board then.......

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