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I am shortly going to upgrade my Seleco SVT 150 to a newer and probably DLP Projector.

A local shop has been demonstrating the Infocus 4800 model feeding it with a SVHS Signal and connected with a crappy lead. The results nevertheless are very good, much better than my Seleco and the pj is much much smaller!!

Having looked at the specs, I rather fancy the higher model - the 5700.

Could anyone either recommend this model or otherwise point me to alternatives in it's price bracket please and point me towards a "national" company who might be able to offer Interest free credit terms? I live in the UK - travelling will be no problem, but a Northern dealer would be good.


Peter Baker

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I have this PJ, and have been very happy with it. I can just about see rainbows if I look for them, by glancing quickly from screen to PJ, but this does not give me any problem in normal use. The best thing is the colurs which are really vibrant. There is also no screendoor effect, a major improvement over my previous Panasonic PTAE100.
I compared the Infocus to the Sim Domino20, and found the 5700 to be more attractive. This may simply be because it is much brighter. Jeff Paynter, who has huge experience, regards the Sim to be far the better machine.
For me, the extra brightness of the Infocus is important, as I do not have a light controlled room. It actually has a wall of windows!
I find that I can watch the Infocus at pretty high levels of ambient light, making watching sport far more possible.
I am sure either PJ would be very satisfactory, and can honestly say that I cannot see myself upgrading mine in the forseeable future - it's that good.
Sevenoaks Hi-fi offer interest free credit on either machine.
Best of luck


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Brilliant - Peter, tahk you very much. I will check this out.


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I also have the 5700 and am still very impressed with the picture quality, even though still projecting onto a light beige wall. I also find it perfect to watch with high ambient light.

Check out the noise from it though. After telling people that it is nice and quiet (it IS quieter than the Sim Domino) and not an issue I am slowly getting VERY annoyed by the fan noise distraction (possibly the colour wheel adds to this).

AFAIK DLP projectors run hotter than LCD requiring more cooling. Mine is about 4 feet right above my head on a ceiling mount.

If you can place it away from you then no problem. I am looking into building a 'hush box' or maybe even building it into my garage with a hole coming through the wall.

Because of this I would have personally prefered getting a poorer picture quality in exchange for a quiet projector. I've spent the money though now so will try to make it quiet!!

The magazine reviews don't bother to mention this much.

Peter Baker

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You may have a particularly noisy example. Looking at a number of threads on this PJ it does appear that some people have a real problem with noise. In particular some get a high pitched whine, which probably comes from the colour wheel.
I can hear the fan on mine, which I table mount, but the noise level is less than that on my previous PJ, a Panasonic PTAE100. I get no high pitched whine.

It may be worth complaining to your supplier.


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Thank you everyone.

Been doing a bit of research and another PJ that Sevenoaks Sound and Vision say is good is the Optima (or Optimo?) H56. Comes in a wee bit cheaper, has good specs and is worth demoing.

Their Hull branch stock the Infocus 5700, the Optima H56 and the Sim Domino 20 - so I'm off tomorrow to compare the three if possible. I will report back but in the mean time if there are any other thoughts etc, I would be grateful to receive them


In the mean time anyone want a Seleco 150SVT going cheap?


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i found that after seeing both the infocus 5700 and the sim2 domino 20 at bristol you will come away with the the sim2. I know it is hard as the room brightness were a bit different but the sources were the same, pioneer 868, but for me the sim2 won by far.
Also i could see the horrible rainbows quite a lot on the infocus, could have been the material being different, but i couldn't see any on the sim2.
have fun auditioning the three and lookign forward to seeing which one you went for


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Hi again peeps

Well I had a terrific day out in Hull yesterday, visiting Sevenoaks Sound and Vision and after setting up an appointment on Wednesday with the Manager, Nick, I spent nearly three hours with Lee, the Video man, auditioning the Infocus 5700, the Sim Domino 20 and the small Optoma H56.

I covered every conceivable thing including noise and the rainbow effect, which I'd never experienced before yesterday.

I went in thinking the Infocus was the chappy, but really I could not split any of the three picture quality-wise. I watched sections of two DVD's on all three pj's - the DVD's being "Triple X" with Sam Jackson and "Monsters Inc" as I was sure watching a recent animation would highlight the differences between the 3 pj's - not so.

I was told how one can see the rainbow effect and not having seen it for about half an hour, Lee then said how to see it, by flicking your eyes left and right during a darker scene which has bright light - some one in a dark cell for example with sun shining through the window. That did it but unless I really tried I just coudn't see what all the fuss is about on these three pj's so I ignored it and was not concsious of it any further throughout the remaining 2 1/2 hours!

The seating arrangements in the room were very similar to my lounge and in the case of the Infocus 5700 and the Optoma H56 pj's, they were situated on a stand at a level of the back of the sofa on which I was sitting with the pjs' lamps almost touching my right ear! This was good from the standpoint of sussing out the noise situation.

We started with the Infocus and I was not concious of any noise until the Optoma was demo'd. This little beauty - and I really mean small - chucked out an equally good picture - by the way we were watching these two pj's on a 7ft wide fixed screen. However the noise was rather loud a different pitch to the infocus's - see later. The picture quality on these two machines were highly detailed indeed and simply blew me away!

I really had no idea that projection had come on so much recently - brilliant, simply brilliant - leaving me with the conclusion as why one would want a plasma screen - at say £8000 for say a 72" diagonal screen with a lousy picture!!

The 2 pj's were watched: -

a. with ambient lighting, similar to my living room lighting - dim but not very

b. completely dark

Both pj's could be watched with the ambient lighting conditions - 500% better than my Seleco 150 SVT, where I must watch in complete darkness

The hais on the monster in the opening sequence of Monsters Inc, were fantastically sharp and continuing with the opening, once the TV bit had gone and we were in the street, the colours were brilliantly radiant and the blues were blue, the reds were red and the greens were green.

Then I demo'd the Sim 20. This was fixed on a ceiling mount about 5 ft further behind me than the other two and was projected initially on an 8 ft screen mounted about 9" in front of the fixed 7 ft baby.

The picture was again breathtaking but I could not reference it properly as I was not watching like for like. With the lights on the picture seemed dull compared with the other two, but it transpired later that two downlights were now just in front of the 8 ft screen and shone straight down it so I don't think that would be a problem in the end. Because the pj was fixed I could not see the picture quality with the pj in the same pos as the other 2 but Lee did wind up the 8 ft screen and zoomed in on to the 7 ft screen and then I was watching like for like - no problem with the lighting any more and if I was to bring the Sim 5ft closer to the screen, which I would be doing in my home setup, then I figure the picture would be better too for that reason alone.

So to the noise: -

I have to discount the cheaper Optoma as it is so small that exhausting the noise is a real problem and with a rather high pitch, you are concious all the time of it being switched on and if the fan goes to boost at cool down or as I presume, after the pj has been switched on a while to cool the bulb down, then watch out - it really is loud.

The Infocus has slightly less noise, at a lower pitch and more importantly, exhausts the noise to the rear of the case - so putting it directly behind the viwer (me) was not a problem.

The Sim seemed the quieter although I had to scale some step ladders to put my ear near the bulb to compare. Significantly the noise is much lower down the octaves - you certainly can hear it but because it is so dislike that of the Infocus, it is hard to break them apart.

Fantastic service from Sevenoaks - I can certainly vouch for them. I have fixed up another appointment for tomorrow, when I will be taking my wife, with our favourit vids to view again the Infocus and the Sim.

After Part 1 - I favour the Sim, slightly more expensive but I think with the better chip - the Matterhorn - although I really would like to get the spec of the pj's Lumens figure - this is not quoted in anything I have got hold of so far - ANY ONE HELP WITH THIS - The bulb is quoted at a lower wattage and is quoted to last double that of the Infocus's - I would expect therefore the lumens to be less than the 100 ANSI Lumens quoted for the Infocus.

The Sim also has motorised Zoom and Focus which I like

The white Sim model will blend in with the decor which my wife will like :) :)

Also do any of the three pj's offer RGB switching to component in, without the need to buy a RGB to Component switching converter?

Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week end




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sorry should have said 1000 lumens for the infocus and at the beginning I meant to say the hairs on the monster !

Peter Baker

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I'm not aware of any PJ offering RGB to component switching.
The INfocus comes standard with DVI indut, which might be important at some time in the future, although I believe the Sim has this as an option.
Both PJ's have the same Matterhorn chip. Some say the optics on the Sim are better, although the Infocus uses Carl Zeiss, which should be pretty good.
As I stated before, the Sim is thought by many to have the more accurate picture, and is, to my eyes, somewhat smoother. However the Infocus has brilliant colours, and is much brighter, allowing use with quite a lot of ambient light.
Have a look at specs on, this site carries contrast ratio, lumens, throw and other specs. It also has a review of the Infocus (they like it a lot), although I don't think there is one of the Sim. You might also try, which has quite a lot of views on both Pjs

Whichever you choose, you'll be very happy


Beastie Boy

rozel, thanks for sharing your experiences with these 3 projectors. I am in a similar position considering these very same pjs.

I look foreward to reading part 2. :)

Cheers, Beastie.


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THe Sim is very long throw so check the mounting implications.
I must disagree with fred as at bristol the Infocus 4800 was rainbowing all over the place but the 5700 next door in the lexicon room was solid and i couldnt even force a rainbow out of it!Also what gain is your screen as the infocus likes a very nuetral gain screen and if you use a higher gain one then the rainbows will be very much apparent!


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Thanks everyone - Peter you are of course quite correct re the "MatterHorn" Chip - it's the elder Brother (The Infocus 7200) which has the better "Mustang" chip and I thought for some reason the Sim had the better one, my apologies for this oversight - so no difference there then.

I was reviewing two screens - the 8ft Motorised one - I would be buying a 7ft one - is from Owl, who I believe, are well recognised on these forums (they imported my Seleco) and I have learned over the years are a first class company. The Fixed screen - I think was from Owl too - I'll check tomorrow.

The Owl comes in at nearly £1000 which seems expensive - anyone know where to source one cheaper? - but another one I have been looking at is one from DRH screens. I have discounted this on the basis that the housing is too large - I need to carefully mount so as not to make my Lounge like a Sevenoaks showroom if you know what I mean, what with 7.1 surround, three sat receivers, Sky+, two DVD Players, DVDR Recorder, Freeview etc etc etc LOL!!!

It needs to be white (I can paint the black Owl endcaps white) and I can not "build-in" to the ceiling as there are too many beams running in a 90 degree direction to the screen in situ. It needs to be small enough so as not to show the "ridge effect" when the screen is down in colder weather and small enough to "blend in". Of course with the best coating.

Keep your comments etc coming everyone - this is good



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Oh and does the rainbow effect any different for spectacle wearers? I wear varifocals - just a quick question



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OWL screens are not cheap but they are very good! Next step is stewart but that is a lot of money for a screen. £1000 is a lot of money but scrimping on a screen is silly as you may as welll buy a cheaper PJ. No idea if Rainbows are different with corrective lenses but someone might know.


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Thanks again everyone. It seems Sim2 do not publish their Lumens figure unlike evryone else. Not surprisingly, everyone over at AVS are suggesting that Sim2's whilst giving increased bulb hours, say the trade off is brightness.

I did not see this yesterday but I did say it could have been dimmer in ambient lighting - I was convinced however it was due to the two downlights.

Tomorrow I'm going for a like for like comparison - same screen same size image same lighting conditions and same DVD and player/inputs etc. I will of course report back but I do wish I could find a review of the Sim2 Domino 20 - I can't find one - if I could find one, then maybe someone has tested the lumens figure? This specification has always been the number one spec for me in projection - so why do they not publish? Suspect the brightness is not what it's cracked up to be - certainly with hindsight I thought the Infocus to be more dynamic but then again maybe not.

I'm taking my wife with me tomorrow so we will have two pairs of eyes!


Peter Baker

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What Video and Widescreen reviewed the Sim2 Domino 20 in a supplement to it's autumn addition. As well as raving about the product, it quotes a figure for ANSI Lumens of 800, in comparison to the Infocus 5700 at 1000. That said, this trades off against a superior contrast of 2000:1 for the Sim, v 1400:1 for the infocus. You pays your money......


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Thanks again Peter. I'm off with my good lady in about 3/4 hour but wish I'd asked you to explain in simple language the difference between the Contrast ratio and Lumens.

I've always taken Lumens to mean the overall brightness of the picture - for example how well you can view the image with ambient lighting. Contrast is self explanatory, BUT contrast ratio, I thought is the difference between White and black - this can be a high figure say 2000:1 in the case of the Sim2 but still the overall image appears dimmer - am I not correct? If I am, I'm not sure how we can trade off one for the other.

The only drawback I can see as far as the Infocus 5700 is concerned is the fact that it does not look as good, and possibly the overall picture brightness - I do like the fact that the bulb lasts longer but I suspect this is because it is not as bright and I don't quite see how the CR compensates - this will be a question later this morning. The Infocus has better inputs and appears brighter but focus and zoom are manual - it comes in over £500 cheaper though

Peter - I really am very grateful for your input - you have inspired me thus far, I don't suppose you will get round to answering this before I set off at 09.30hrs but please I would welcome your opinion on what I've just raised - I'm no expert and am probably wrong in what I've put forward.

Something inside of me is nagging away that I really should be going for the Sim2, but don't quite know why at the moment lol!




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I really should proof read before pressing submit lol! :) :) :)

In my third para above I meant to say the manual focus and zoom NOT the picture brightness - it's the brightness of the Sim2 that I am unsure about with it's bulb lasting longer, not the bulb of the Infocus - sorry


Peter Baker

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Might just catch you.
Higher CR gives blacker blacks. This is actually noticeable putting the two projectors side by side. Without that comparison however, I think the vividness of the IF picture makes the eye believe the blacks are dark enough.
Best of luck



A month ago I went to the usual local dealer looking for a plasma for my living room and ready to spend about €5000.

The guys on the shop told me: have you haver consider a PJ ? Why dont you take this SP4800 (€1800) home for a couple of days and tell us what you think ?

I did, and I cannot spleep ever since :eek: ... me wants it ...
The size and quality of the picture on a plain wall and specially the movie-like feeling you get from a good PJ makes me lough at the idea of buying a plasma, total non-sense IMH for people who want true cinema at home.

The only thing that bothers me is that i cant tell if it pays back to go to the SP5700 (€4400). I didnt had the opportunity to see it yet, though i can arrange a demo, but i'm sure it can only get better.

I'm afraid that in 6 or 12 months, I will be craving for a even better PJ. The guys at the shop tell me that the difference on PQ is so small comparing to price diff, that i should buy the 4800 and if i fell that i want somehing more they will take the 4800 for a reasonable price and get me a 5700.

Can someone share their opinions on the this ?

Buy the way ... i cant even watch a movie on my CRT anymore. Crazy :suicide: .



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A friend has the 4800 I saw a few days ago. One thing I did see was more rainbow effect.
Also, it has no component inputs, 5700 has 2 sets. The 4800 has just S-video, VGA, and composite.
My 5700 is over twice the price but it's definatley not twice as good picture quality, just it has better connections etc. as well.
I would agree that 'even' the 4800 is better than any plasma.


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Hi again - I'm fresh in from a wonderful day in HUll where my wife (Ruth) and I once again spent three 1/2 hours in the company of Lee @ Sevenoaks Sound & Vision.

This is the awaited Part II peeps. First though although the last few posts give valuable info, this thread is not about the merits or not between plasmas and DLP - it's no contest - I thought everyone knew that - this thread is about the Infocus 5700 (not 4800 which has significantly lower resolution) and the Sim2 Domino 20 and/or the Optoma Themescene H56 - which I discounted several posts ago on noise lol!

So where were we..................

Armed with a copy of "Behind Enemy Lines" (DVD A) - the chapter with the flying scene at the beginning - gives stunning fast moving photography (and by the way the sound aint that bad either!) and of course the previously viewed Monster Inc (DVD B) - the scene where the hairy monster is in bed which moves on to the rather blurred TV scene and then into a wonderful 3D scene of a street scene with vivid colours etc.

We went for a like for like demo on a seven foot screen of the Infocus and Sim2 Domino 20.

Unfortuneately again Lee could not pull down the Sim from the ceiling to place it directly behind us where the Infocus machine was, so the Sim was exactly 53" behind the Infocus, zoomed in to fill the 7' fixed Owl Screen.

First the Sim2 Domino 20

DVD A - the detail was stunning, crisp/sharp and the blemish on the "M" of the "SAM" console light in the plane's cockpit was something I had not seen before. The other fantastic detail was at the end of the scene where the Parachute chords were really sharp when the two guys had ejected and were falling back to the ground. During the setting up both Ruth and I thought that the brightness could have been better - more on this later. We were captured in the film (which was heard with poxy sound as we had not come to listen but watch) suggesting the realistic imaging which we had not seen before - maybe the blacks were black as Peter has already pointed out?

DVD B the thing we noticed above all else was the breathtaking detail of the hairs of the hairy monster and the red car out in the street, where a relection in the cars front was a shade of orange - you could distinctly see a reflection.

Next the Infocus 5700

DVD A Again during the setting up we noticed how bright the picture was - much more so than the Sim2. Indeed with ambient lighting - compared to our Seleco 150 it was amazing. During the scene we noticed that the whites were really white and at the end of the demo we thought that maybe the contrast/brightness ought to be turned down a touch. However very importantly, the imaging was nowhere near as sharp as the Sim2. The details previously noted where not there. The picture was very grainy in comparison to that of the Sim2 - the blemish on the "M" was not there at all and you could only just make out the chords of the parachute as it was descending. I made fully sure that the pj was focused correctly.

DVD B The hairs were just not as sharp and the reflection whilst there was just not as clear. Here the orange of the reflection and the red of the car just "bled" together and rather than seeing a reflection you gained the impression of a badly painted car.

After a ton of questions by Ruth who was not with me on Thursday, she rather liked the idea of a fixed screen as opposed to a motorised one, which staggered me. So I left her to debate the merits and demerits of each with Lee, whilst I took the important measurements.

Ruth asked for the Sim2 to be projected onto the Motorised screen so she could see the difference between the two screens. The thing that amazed us both was this: -

As the motorised screen (8ft wide) came down approximately 1ft in front of the fixed screen, even though Lee had not focused properly (he had just zoomed in to 7ft approx) the additional brightness that this alone provided was brilliant. Now think back - the Sim2 was 53" further back to start with so now the difference was only 41" appx, but the overall brightness increased noticebly. When correctly focused but more importantly fixed to my living room ceiling it will be even closer to the screen than another 41" - possibly overall appx 57" when compared with the Sim2 at Hull fixed to the ceiling projected on to the 7ft screen, then I think at the very least the overall brightness will be on a par with the Infocus.

Next the cost of bulb replacements. Lee quoted me appx £350 for the Sim2's and appx £300 for the Infocus's. The Sim2 is quoted to last for appx 6000 hours - the Infocus's only 2000 hours. Cost of the Sim2 pj - £3500 - Infocus £3000. It does not take a rocket scientist to calculate that in two bulbs time, you will have spent £3600 on the Infocus - with at least 2000 hours remaining for the Sim2's bulb, if we can believe the quoted specs.

Next the noise - as said earlier the Sim2 is at a frequency much lower than the Infocus's and you just do not notice it. However the Infocus we auditioned, was not that bad.

Now for the settings as we viewed: -


Brightness 74/100
Contrast 44/100
Colour 62/100
Keystone 0


Brightness 45/100
Contrast 60/100
Colour 55/100
Keystone 50/100

You can now put in perspective what we saw - the Sim's brightness was turned well up - on the other hand we felt we had to turn down the brightness of the Infocus

Placing the Sim2 closer to the screen should make up the difference.

Adding to all this, taking into account the motorised Focus and Zoom functions together with one or two other interesting features - to us anyway, the Sim2 Domino 20 was it.

So we came away having spent our dosh on the Sim2 Domino 20, a 7ft Owl Fixed screen, ceiling mount, a JB Technology RGB-Component Converter and 10 meters Liberty Flex Screened Cable all wired up.

Overall we have spent around seven hours in the shop - time was no problem to Lee and experiencing an absolute "non-pressurised" sales culture. Coffee was delivered with a smile and could have been intraveinus if I had requested it.


We thoroughly recommend them.

Lee was terrific and I learned bucketloads of info from him including "how to focus a DLP pj".

Great stuff and I look forward to calling in to collect the equipment later next week - I will be doing a self - installation.

Now all I need to do now is to acquire some curtains and a motorised track etc.

Hope my account helps others out there trying to make their own minds up - it was frightening at first but gradually all becomes clear (if you pardon the pun) :) :) :)

I would be happy to answer any further questions



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You mentioned this a few times but I have to point something out - a projector does not get brighter because of distance. The brightness is governed by the image size and the gain of the screen. Sorry to be picky but it's obviously pertinent to your choice as you mention it a few times and so best to point this out to you.

I've probably worded this badly but it's not meant to be a criticism of a very informative post on your part. Hopefully it will be helpful.



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Don't like Jomathan Creek so just checked my emails and saw your response Alan.

Whilst a relative non-techy, I have tinkered with projection for some years - although I have had perhaps more experience with cine projection.

I would contend this - take a cine projector closer to the screen and it gets brighter.

The same must hold good for todays LCD/Plasma/CRT technologies.

Certainly my Seleco would definately get brighter if it were moved closer to the screen and it was pretty obvious today that simply moving the pj closer to the screen gives a relatively brighter image. In today's case it was the screen which was moved closer to the screen.

I suggest the laws of physics apply. Project a torch beam on a piece of white card from say 3ft - a large diameter beam is produced - blurred at the edges. Take it closer and a smaller brighter and sharper image results.

Explain why therefore the image we saw today got brighter taking it closer to the screen please?


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