Infocus Screenplay 5700 DLP v Panasonic PT-500 LCD



I have narrowed my choice down to two very different projectors currently well received on the market. My first option is to ceiling mount the short throw lens Panasonic and have extra long cable runs. Alternatively, the Screenplay will give me the correct throw distance from the back of the room where originally intended to sit the projector without the use of long cables running along the ceiling and down the walls. Taking into account the extra cost involved of professional installation & cabling on the ceiling mount option, the difference would be very marginal on the final amount. Would I be correct in thinking that the Screenplay 5700 is a superior machine over the Panasonic, and therefore is my number one choice?. Out of interest, anybody who owns a Screenplay 5700 model had any problems with the performance?. A couple of dealers I spoke with seemed rather offish about the reputation of Infocus and not very enthusiastic on recommending this model, which I find hard to believe considering the excellent reviews.

I would appreciate any feedback or comments to me help out.

Cheers guys..,

well i have to say that i woundt for a moment consider the panny if the infocus was going to come out at the same money..... maybe im wrong, but i get the impression that infocus is simply on another level.


The DLP will give you a much better picture especially where contrast and black levels are concerned.
Also you will get a lot more picture and a lot less structure with
DLP. The fill factor of LCD is in the fifties whereas the DLP fill factor is high eighties ( percentage of actual picture area )
Then there's dead or stuck pixels with LCD. These are fairly common. With DLP it is rare to have a mirror stuck on or off.
Re location of the projector, it is normally better and more convenient to have the unit at the back of the room.
Re reliablity and performance, I don't think you have much to worry about as the warranties on most modern projectors are pretty good these days.
Kirky, i have a Z2 which for the price is a great machine and very similar in performance than the 500 but if this was going to cost me the same as a 5700 then i would have gone the 5700. I did however get eye strain when demoing a dlp. I have however since gotten glasses, not as a result, so am going to start demoing dlps again as it could have been my eye sight and not the pj.

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