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    I recently attempted to upgrade the firmware on an InFocus LP720, accidentally using the files for an LP730 I'd upgraded earlier. Needless to say, the software transfer got about half-way through, then failed, and the projector no longer boots up, so I can't reattempt the upgrade with the right software.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for correcting this? I borrowed a friend's LP720 and swapped the top board ("Rev. A") and that restored the operation, so I assume the flash ROM chip is on that board, but parts are no longer available from the manufacturer or several repair centers I've contacted.

    I'd like to find a board to swap, but would also go as far as replacing the ROM itself, if I could get a chip with the software installed. I have been checking eBay, and see an LP725 for parts--does anyone know if the top board would be the same in this projector?

    Any information would be appreciated. Please email me: [email protected]. Thanks!

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