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    I'm a volunteer for a charity which puts on a youth event every month. We've managed to get enough money together for a video projector, which would be used to project both Powerpoint presentations and live video from camcorders. We have about £1300, and I have found the Infocus LP640 at eBuyer for just under that - it seems to be of a fairly good spec (native XGA, 2200 lumens) as well as having horizontal keystoning which would be quite useful as often the projectors we've borrowed have had to sit to the side of the stage at an angle.

    My main question is that the projector has a stated contrast ratio of 400:1, which is much lower than I've seen on many others. How big a difference is this likely to make? It would normally be used in a fairly dark room (we have coloured lights for atmosphere), but there is a possibility that in the future we'd have more daylight present.


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