Infocus in76: what inputs to use...


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This is my first post so i though i just say hello :)

I'm about to start work in converting the spare room in to a cinema :) have
just started the DIY part, then will get into the fun bit of buying all the toys :devil:

I'm pretty much set on getting the infocus in76, have heard lots of good
things about them. But i'm not to sure what's the best way to go about
connecting everything to it. I'm hoping that some people out there might
have some recommendations about what inputs to use for what. I want to
have the PC, Xbox 360 and Sky+ connected to it.

For the PC and i was thinking of using the DVI for this :)
For the xbox-360 the plan there was to use the component inputs.

But i'm not to sure about what's the best way of connecting my sky+ box,
i was wondering if anyone out there had any thoughts on this ?

Does sky+ look ok through s-video with the in76, should i look at getting
one of those snazzy convertors to convert it to component, and get
some sort of switch box for it and the x-box 360.

Is it possible to connect RGB to the IN76, and still use the component
inputs at the same time?

I was planning on using the xbox 360 as a dvd player also (if its not
too loud), one less thing to connect :)

Any advice or experiences are most welcome,


PS, hope this is not to many questions :)
Hi and welcome to the forums Johnny.

I'm in a similar position to you in that my install is is at build stage.

I have taken the precaution of chasing in cables for all of the IN76 inputs except composite.

At the moment I'm running DVD and XBox via component. Sky is conected via scart to a JS Technology RGB to Component convertor ( which sends out a component signal. My amp does component switching so they all go into the amp and then the amp sends component to the projector (and the plasma also via a JS Tech Master Component Controller).

I will probably upgrade my DVD player to an HDMI capable player before the end of the install so I have run HDMI to the projector and plasma as well.

I will be using DVI for my PC. Not sure what the S video will be for but I'm sure it will come in handy.


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Yea, it does look like component is the input to be using, will have to invest
in a RGB to component converter, will most likely get this one:
its a fair bit cheaper than the JS Tech one, It gets a mention in this thread,
also the people who have bought one from the website look to be happy
enough with it.

Could not find a direct comparison of the two units on the the web, but I'd
be surprised if there is much it in, the quality of the cables used is probably
the most telling factor in how good the picture is, unless anyone knows
different ?

Your right chasing all the cables needs to done, if i could just figure out
which type of DVI cable to get, DVI-A, DVI-D, M1-DA to DVI :) think its
time for ostrich mode; head in the sand - i'd like a DIV cable please,
its for my computer - and see what gets handed to me :)
I've got both the QED and the JS Tech convertors but it's a bit difficult to say whether one is better than the other as they are connected to different plasmas. I might try a comparison before I finish off my install in the next few weeks in which case I'll post my findings. I'm not expecting to see a massive difference.

I think its the DVI-D you need, well that's what I've used anyway, but do check with your supplier. Don't forget that you'll need an MA-D1 convertor to connect it to the IN76. These can be had on ebay for around £15. Otherwise there was a chap selling a 4.5m cable on the trading forums here
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