Infocus 5700 Questions


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Hi Guys

First post on here, although been lurking for a while:blush:

Having finally decided to get a projector and follow the newbie advice given on demos etc I came home on Saturday with an Infocus 5700:clap:

A couple of questions if you don't mind taking the time to answer:

When using one component connection (source 3 on the pj), the image suffers from an offset, ie ghosting where the outlines of the items in the picture appear offset 1" to the right (7' diag image). On the other component connection (source 6 on the pj) this offset is not present and the image is fantastic.

This happens irrespective of source (denon 2900 dvd - component, PS2 - S video, Gamecube - composite via denon 3803 amp, component cable to pj). Have any other 5700 owners suffered from this effect? Changing the video setting in the advanced picture menu does not solve the problem.

I also suffer from a picture problem when using a 10m components cable from amp to pj. The picture appears green and washed out. This happens which ever component input on the pj is used. 1m component cable shows no problems. I wasn't aware that there was an issue with components cable lengths and loss in picture performance...can anybody confirm or deny


Thanks for all the information posted on this forums, led to a few late nights and (hopefully) a much better HT system...although the flexible friend is quaking in the corner:eek:




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everything has a green hue on my 5700, and I´m using a 10m component cable. But when I lowered the green offset by about 3 clicks... things look fine. There a review of it at http://www.guidetohometheater.com/ and they also saw the green hue, but there they reduced the green the green gain. But for my eye the green offset works better, I have no idea what´s the difference... maybe somene will inform us.


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Cheers keyser:D

I'll give that a go when I get home tonight....see what happens

Ta for the link...some lunchtime surfing:rotfl:

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