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Infocus 5700 hdmi connection problem.

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Wiggins, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. Wiggins

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    Aug 31, 2000
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    Doncaster, S.Yorks, England
    Hi, I own an Infocus 5700 projector, which I have a Denon 2910 connected to via a hdmi cable into the adapter for the M1-DA connection on the projector. I've owned the system since the start of the year and at first everything worked fine. But a few months ago, every so often, I seem to lose the connection from the dvd player and the screen goes either white or else I get a strange blue shaded screen full of static noise (the only way I can think to describe it). The only way to correct the problem is to "jiggle" the connection of the HDMI cable at the projector end until the image comes back. Recently it has been happening more often and I've found the only way to right the problem is to have the projector pushed back to the wall so that the cable is held in and slightly pushed up (the projector is on a table stand at waist height). Obviously this isn't an ideal solution.
    I was wondering if anyone knew what exactly was causing the problem?
    I assume it is either the cable itself (which cost me a fortune) or the adapter for the M1 DA connection on the projector, or else a fault with the actual connection on the projector. Can anyone shed any light onto this for me?

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