Infocus 4805 Celing Mount


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Hello All, can any one advise me on the best/versitile ceiling mount for this Projector. I have finally decided to mount it permenantly on the ceiling, also this will sound daft but does the image look any different. :)

I already have my fixed frame screen up on the wall and it is about 50 cms from the ceiling, that is where the screen starts not the border. I hope someone will be able to give me some advice. :)


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Most Infocus dealers will be able to get you a bracket for the exact projector. There is one that can bring the projector down a bit from the ceiling so you may want to look at that if there is an issue with height.


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The InFocus ones are about £130 or so i think, you can get a decent one with a ball joint on ebay for £15, there's loads of them available, but if you need to lower the projector down from the ceiling then maybe an infocus would be better.

also the image won't be any different at all. i use my 4800 high up, all you do is go through the menu and check the box marked "ceiling" in the system settings to reverse the image.


There are lots of people out there who make their "own" mounts. Like Monk said look on Ebay or Google.
As for your screen starting 50cm from the ceiling you might have to lower the projector a touch. The best way to find out how far you are going to have to drop the PJ is to invert the image in the menu and hold it upside down (above your head) and get the image perfect (no keystone) on the screen. Then get somebody to measure the distance from the ceiling to the base of the projector. All you have to do then is take off the standard size of the mount (including projector fixings) for the distance you need to come down. """"Most"""" ceiling mounts are about 5 inches (roughly).
I know it sounds like a pain in the a$$ but if you want a 100% perfect image it needs to be done.
Oh and when you finally get to the fixing part DONT FORGET YOUR LAMP
Hope this helps


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A BIG THANKYOU to everyone who offered advice about the ceiling mounts, I am ordering my Infocus mount on Saturday.
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