Info needed on Z2 lens shift???


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Hi all,
I am sure many of you have read my posts by now and you are probably aware that I am planning for my first PJ, It will either be the Z2 or the AE500 and at present it is pointing to the Z2 because of throw distance.

The wife wants the PJ to be as out of sight as possible and the AE500 will give me my screen size at 10'4" which puts it right above and in front of the sofa, the Z2 can be a ft further back whcih is beter.

Then I realised that with the Z2 lens shift the PJ may not even need to be above the sofa, it could actually be offset to the right but my question is by how much.

Basicly, i need to know how much I can move the Z2 to the left or right yet still keep the picture in the same place using the lens shift. If it makes a difference, I am looking at a 92" diag screen (DRH Slimline) , with the PJ sat 11ft 4" from it and my seating about 12Ft from the screen.... I may be tempted to go for the 104" diag screen, the PJ and seating will stay at the same distance, will that cause bad picture issues........

Cheers all, the lens shift may well keep the wife happy.....


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Don't know about the Z2, but the Z1 allows you to shift 20-25% of the screen width.

Good luck with the new projector


Z2 can shift up to 50% of picture width.

However, beyond about 2/3 of shift pq begins to be affected. Probably not very noticable though until you get to the very extremes.


Having used the Z2 in a problematic room, I can tell you for absolute certain that the lens shift is totally invaluable if you dont have totally free reign to position. In my view this feature alone is worth large premiums and it and it alone are what i think makes it better than the AE500.


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