infinity systems tss750 - harman kardon avr-130/230 -> good match?



Hello all.

After weeks of reading this forum, I dare to ask a question to you guys, my head already hurts after reading lots of reviews, comparing characteristics etc...

I would like to buy the system described in the subject do you think is a bad idea? And if so, do you have some advice?

I will go tomorrow to listen this configuration, but as I don't have any experience in HT, I have no idea what to expect. I only know that I can't go over 1.000 euro (I live in Belgium) and also I don't have lot of time for demos (shops usually are open between 9 and 17, with Saturday closed :confused:

Anyway, since this will be my first HT system, how dissapoined could I be with it? For the moment I'm watching the DVDs (that will be mostly the main purpose of the HT, not the music) and I like also the sound on the TV :eek:, so you can imagine I'm total new in this home theatre stuff.

Do you think on these speakers, there is a big difference between Harman Kardon AVR-130 and 230? It's about 100 euros difference, and since I've read that 6.1 didn't quite "catch on", so not a lot of movies are using the rear centre speaker, then the AVR-130 should be enough? :confused:

I chosed this configuration reading these forums how important is a match between the receiver and the speakers, so playing it "safe" and buying from the same manufacturer it's the best in my case. Anyway, I don't think I could be able to find myself, by the way of listening, a perfect match since I'm total new in this stuff, like I said before in my post.

As a dvd player I have a Pioneer 565-a and a JVCAV-32X37 as tv, so component video is not needed at all.

Any ideas, advices? Does anybody else here has these speakers and/or receiver and knows how they sound?


PS Apologies if this message is not posted in the correct forum...
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