Infinity Oreus question


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Well I'm picking them up tomorrow (buying them boxed new from someone who won them in a competition) so I'll find out in due course, I was just trying to ascertain whether I was going to have to buy cables in order to hear 7.1 sound - I've only got 5.1 at the moment.

Thanks anyway Ian.


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well if you don't already know

I'm pretty certain they don't come with cables

so budget for some half decent speaker cable


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Thanks Depsi, you were right and cables were not included. Probably for the best actually becausee with that number of speakers I've worked out I need at least 60m of cable!

The local hi-fi shop sold me a 100m reel for the same price as 60m so I'm happy. Will have a go at setting them all up later today, but first impressions of the HK DVD and amp (506/507) are very good! :smoke:

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