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Infinity coming tomorrow - wireless n router?


Novice Member
I wasn’t sure whether this should be I the BT forum or hardware but I noticed a few BT router questions here, please move if wrong.

I am getting Infinity installed tomorrow, I have Foscam wireless cameras set up and noticed they state they won’t work over wireless n. I have read up on n vs g and have a basic understanding and now know that there is a mixed mode and legacy mode that will allow me to still use these cameras with the new BT router.

Could I ask a few questions?

  1. When the engineer comes to install tomorrow I’ll obviously let him know, should I be asking to be set up on any particular setting (mixed or legacy)?
  2. What are the chances that my other devices are compatible with wireless n? I have a 6 month old laptop, 4 year old iMac, 5 year old macbook and a wii (and xbox 360 but that is cabled up).
  3. I rarely send data over the network, do I need n anyway? The range on my netgear is fine on g, it gets to all rooms and even the end of the garden.
  4. What is the software like on the BT router? At the moment I have assigned IP’s to all my devices so each time they connect with the same IP (such as the foscam I have as a baby monitor is always and my laptop is always .4 etc. Will I be able to do this with the BT router? I currently have sky and the Netgear 834GT (not the sky firmware though, I flashed it years ago as it kept dropping connection) with the sky rubbish on it.
  5. Can I get a static IP with BT infinity?
Thanks for any answers


Well-known Member
1. I doubt the BT engineer will be concerned with tweaking the connection to your preferences. He is there to do the install, connect up the line, make sure it is working and that the router supplied functions OK. Anything beyond that would be up to the end user to tweak for themselves.
2. HH3 supports b / g / draft n but not n 5Ghz.
BT Home Hub 3 specifications | Expert Reviews
3. The BT engineer will do the install using the supplied router. If you want to change it back after thats up to you. Just remember you will need to phone support to get your username and password as the BT HH3 connects automatically.
4. The HH3 comes with standard facilities on it. At home there is little or no req for you to be using static ip addressing. It is more sensible,and efficient from an end user's point of view, to allow the devices to pick up an address from DHCP then on the router tie the MAC address of the device to that ip address ensuring it gets dealt the same ip everytime but without the hassles of manually configuring each device.
5. If you mean on your LAN then answered above. If you mean a Static IP address for your external address on the router then I think you need to speak to BT but I think it means getting a business BB connection rather than a residential.

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