Infernal Affairs 2 & 3


F G Evans

Has anyone seen these films yet and if so what did they think.

I saw Infernal Affairs on the weekend and thought it was a cracking film.

I want to know how the others compare


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I watched Infernal Affairs 3 yesterday, as its the sequel, and IA2 is the prequel, and I liked it alot :)



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i've got all 3...i've seen the first 2...the 2nd was not as good as the first...but answered alot of the questions about the characters (being a prequel:D ) but is a bit slower. The 3rd i havn't seen yet...might watch it tommorow night.


I loved Infernal Affairs 2, I actually thought it was just as good, if not better, than the first.

It was much darker, slower but more intense, but was lacking the star power and Doyle's cinematography tips of the first.

Pack Dude

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I have watched parts 1, 2&3. Parts one and two are great movies and work well together. For me part three did not add anything to the story, the narrative is also hard to follow. It does pull it together a bit at the end but by that time I just did not care.

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