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Starting my home theater system, I bought a Denon X1300W and am need of speakers and the one's I've been looking at that are available locally are seen as not that great online.
I've been looking at floor standing speakers as I won't have a bass and might not be getting one soon as a person in the house complains about the slightest noise or vibration from a sub, at some point in the future I'll probably enter a center speaker possibly.
The main use for these speakers will be TV, Movies and single player console gaming.

The room is 8' tall and 21'5" by 11'8" when measured. The 2 seater couch and recliner are not centered on the TV and we sit a little over 7' from the TV screen measuring from the TV to the center of the seat. It is also not a closed room. It connects the front foyer which is 6'6' by 5'8" and to the hall and kitchen on the other side that has two walls sticking out into the living room making the exit/entrance. The one beside the TV is 2' and the other is 1'9". I've attached a crude picture of what it looks like.

A part confusing me is the speakers wattage to the receivers wattage. Like if the receiver does 80 Watts 2ch at 8ohms and a speaker is 15-100 watts, is that fine since I'm above the speakers minimum and not reaching it's maxed wattage causing distortion? What about a pair of speakers that has say minimum 50 watts and max 500, will they not get loud enough since I'm just over the minimum for them to produce a sound? I don't need ear-blistering volume and live in a duplex so loud isn't on my list.

What I've looked at so far, I'm Canadian so prices are CAD$ unless specified.

Klipsch R26F and R28F for $599/pair and $799/pair
Polk rtia9 for $399/each or Polk rtia7 for 299/each at Best Buy. The prices changed on Black Friday and are now $450 and $400 each.

Most recently I've seen accessories4less ships to Canada and have Kef Q700 for $450 USD each new which goes over my budget but I'm reading these are more for music and not movies.


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It won't let me edit my post saying it looks like spam.
R26(8)F - saw posts saying that the quality is poor and the sound is coloured.
A9's - people say is good but I'm unsure if x1300W can drive them. Price went up before looking at A7's.
Q700's goes over planned budget, don't know if ordering from US site will have hefty duty fees and I assume free shipping is US only, shipping calculator doesn't work.

My planned budget is $800 cad before tax/shipping.


In many cases and especially in your room configuration standmounts may very well outperform floorstanders in the same price bracket although you will still need to budget for stands. You will get roughly the same amount of bass, very few cheap floorstanders will give good bass, to get that you would need to spend thousands. You will also have to factor in the receiver which is basically an entry level unit.

Have a look at the new KEF Q350s. They will perform reasonably well in the bass department and will be easy to place and expand upon for a future 5.1 set up. I've found them for $849 at KEF Canada so quite possibly cheaper at other retailers.


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How important is the stand for a bookshelf speaker? Like does it matter if it's wood, metal or plastic?


Metal or wood are best. Even stands get their own reviews online. A lot depends on how you want them to look. Here in the UK this company probably build the best wooden stands.
Hi Fi Racks | Hi Fi Stands | TV Stands | AV Furniture
There will be a lot more choice with metal. Good stands can and do make a difference to sound quality.


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Hi. It’s a year later since TBJeff’s post, but I’m in a very similar situation. We just finished an addition on our house which extended the fairly conventional 14x17’ living room that has an 8’ ceiling, out into a 17x20’ great room with a 16’ vaulted ceiling. So now the overall space is a very long, completely open 17x35’ room with a cathedral ceiling in the front and a low ceiling in the back. The TV and front speakers are at the far end of the new area, and entry-level but beefy surround speakers will be ceiling mounted in the low ceiling near where the rooms join. The surrounds and a wall mounted center speaker are all Monoprice gear. I’m using a small 8” Pioneer sub I borrowed from our upstairs AV setup. The main listening/viewing position is a couch at the midpoint just inside the new area.
Sounds more confusing than it is, but my question comes down to a choice of front speakers to work with the Denon AVR X1500H amp I just got. I’m considering Klipsch R-820Fs and Polk RTi 5, 7 or even 9s. Hey, it’s Black Friday sale time again!
Decent sound is important and the Klipschs get a lot of rave reviews. And they’re cheap! But the Polks seem ok and the cherry veneer looks great! (Looks are also important in the new room.)
Any advice is welcome, and Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Yanks reading this.

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