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Inexpensive 5.1 Reciever advice


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Hi there,

Hope you can help a Newbie here? I currently have a Samsung 40" Full HDTV running with full Virgin TV Package and an 'out the box' LG LH-T550TB 5.1 Home Cinema. While I like the current set up my wife has asked that we buy a Blu-Ray player and so I have bought a Panasonic DMP-DB60EB-K Blu-Ray this very afternoon.

WhaT i would like to know is what Reciever would be able to 'link' in to the system and take advantage of what I already have. I would like to keep the 'surround sound' as 1. Its good to have and 2. I have it all wired up under my floor boards:D so I'd rather keep it there! I was looking at potentially purchasing this

HYUNDAI AV1-4800 5.1 SURROUND SOUND RECEIVER AMP USB SD on eBay (end time 30-Nov-10 10:53:13 GMT)

Is it decent for the job? My out the box system has an apparent 1000w capability as does this reciever. My biggest 'issue' is the wiring - the LG uses a very basic 'tab' system where you depress the tab +ve and -ve and push the wire into the hole. This reciever appears to have a plug attachment? for the speakers at the back of it?

Any help on this would be greatfully recieved. I would like to keep this Reciever cost to a minimum while retaining my existing speaker set up. Any further suggestions (and links:)) will be welcome

Thanks - Oh and Hi :smashin:



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Well the 1000W suggested on your current system is a massive over exaggeration. Just look on the specs for the power supply for a more realistic power value. Also most all in one systems can not be used with an AV reciever. This is because the impedance of the speakers tends to be too low. Anything below 4 ohms should not be used with an AV reciever without ricking damage to the reciever. Also the subs tend to be passive and an Av reciever needs an active one. Hence I doubt you will be able to use your current speakers with an AV reciever. You would be able to use the speaker wires if needed, they will not be the best quality and probably a little too thin but they could be used.
I would steer clear of the reciever you link too. For not a lot more you will be able to get a better reciever from a more established make. The one you link too does not even have HDMI inputs which is what you need to connect your bluray player to it.
What is your budget?
What you will need as a minimum would be something like Onkyo 308 or Sony 510 with Tannoy SFX speakers or Yamaha 367 with Jamo A103 speakers. All of these options would end up costing just over £300. Another option would be the Onkyo 3305 or 5305 which are around the same price (I would pay the extra for the 5305 since it has an active sub so can upgrade easier and cheaper in the future).


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Welcome to the forum.

Firstly if you butcher the cables by removing the plugs, you wouldn't be able to use them with your existing home cinema system and therefore render it both useless and worthless. I would sell it on as a whole and start afresh. Even if the Hyundai could drive your speakers, the subwoofer on your existing system will be a passive unpowered model and therefore you won't be able to hook it up. You will need to check the impedance rating of the speakers (ohms) by either checking the rear of the speaker or the specs at the rear of the manual.

Use the old cables to pull through new ones and buy a decent AV receiver and speakers.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, it bargepole with touch a wouldn't


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Thanks for the replies. I was hoping to get away with a 'basic upgrade' - obviously not:rolleyes:

Would I notice a difference in quality changing from the 'out the box' surround to one of the Onkyo systems or a 'separates build'?. I will have to sell this to my wife to make this a go-er:lesson: and need to be armed:thumbsup:


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The difference between the Onkyo or separates and your current system is going to be quite profound. You will also get HD audio from blurays with both options so even more improvements in sound quality. Try and get her to listen to one of the systems in a shop and I am sure you will be able to convert her.
My wife is into her music (plays the piano) so when I took her demoing she made me get the most expensive option due to the improved sound quality!!!!!

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