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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by lukey, Jul 18, 2005.

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    Currently got an order for a samsun ps42s5sd from Robertsons online but am going to cancel as sick of being fobbed off about non delivery....anyway. went down to local dixons store where they had the same model on display together with a dvd recorder and glass stand for £1699..said to sales, like plasma but dont need other bits so he said he would knock off the price of thet stand and dvd recorder (total of £430) and give me a credit note for something else as i was looking for a laptop. This would make the plasma £1269 which beats robertsons price.

    Wasnt convinced this was genuine so paid a visit to another dixons who said that no way they were allowed to do that as it was against company policy but the manager offered me £200 credit instead. went back to original dixons at lunchtime today only to be told by a different **** in a blue shirt that they can only offer £125 credit and not the full price!!! :mad:

    talk about lack of consistency and knowledge...think i might just stick with robertsons and hopefully they might deliver soon..

    Incedentilly went to currys who are part of same group and sales man their said they would give me £350 credit...trouble is I dont know who to believe!!

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