Industry analysts commenting on Paramount news

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Gotta say that all makes perfect sense to me... seems Sony have been trying to hold off mass HD adoption for too long with their FUD.

Just not so sure we'll see Disney defect anytime soon??

It is these kind of 'experts' that help influence the decision makers, so although this is only one POV it will be damnign for BR if it is indicative of the general views of these people, and would prove Paramount to have been not only brave, but extremely wise..

Interesting times.. :thumbsup:


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Good link, although if you don't want to incur the wrath of the moderators you need to write somthing as well as just posting links :D

So to surmise, this analyst is suggesting Sony will try and make BluRay survive by riding it out another year when they will be able to get down to HD-DVD prices and in the meantime make enough PR noise using there legions of fans to put people off buying HD-DVD.

Who would have thought the HD-DVD underdog would be in a position of strength!

Interesting times :devil:


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Cheers splatz!
Good read.
By the way......your user name wasn't influenced by your bowel movements was it?


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They should have ANALysed the data a bit more as it would have been interesting to know if sony could afford to just abandon blu ray. As far as I have read, the developement costs of the PS3 and selling the hardware at a loss has put sony, as a whole, even more in the red than myself when I was a student. Sony seem to have put a lot of eggs all into one very small basket so I would expect that they will fight the so called "war" in every way possible and I would not even be surprised to see a few shots aimed at the groin area (from either side).

I wish someone would pay me to come up with such insight as " if folks don’t have players they don’t buy disks."

On a much sadder note, I still use my minidisc, hifi and portable :thumbsup:

My parents also taught me never to trust anyone with the word "anal" in their job title.


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There is a paramount thread running already, which will remain open for the time being.

Post all info in there.

Whey do we need to start a new thread everytime? :rolleyes:
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