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Hello all,

I am in the market for an indoor aerial for digital radio and just wondered if anyone has any experience with them and which is the best one to get and where from.

Thanks for any help,

James :)

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I put a huge outdoor digital aerial up for my DAB radio, when I tested it I received no more channels and no better perceived quality than I got off the 12 inch long dangly piece of wire that came with the radio.


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I get excellent reception running my DAB tuner from an ordinary roof-top tv aerial using a powered UHF splitter.

Don't use an FM/TV splitter for this - a DAB tuner won't run from the FM connector :)

Nick Aust

I have a "One For All" three way aerial, (about £15) it fits straight into my DAB stack. The aerial picks up a lot more of DAB where you are. It can fit a TV as well, but as for small DAB systems with a wire you would have to connect the wire to something, or extend the wire higher up. My range of DAB stations is still pretty dire.:thumbsdow


This thread is six years old. Maybe they might have found something by now or reception improved?

Nick Aust

Doubt it, there are still many DAB virgins out there. :hiya:

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