Indoor arial to improve Denon FM/MW reception


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I have a Denon TU-260L radio tuner which I bought because I prefer anologue to DAB sound but I cant get the AM sound right (sounds a bit like CB radio). I mainly listen to stations like talksport on my TV in the bedroom but its a big old thing and want to get rid of it and utilises the Denon tuner. Is there a decent/good quality arial that I can get to better the results? Regarding location I am just down the road fromt he radio transmitters so shouldn't have problems in that respect.


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An external AM aerial is simply a length of wire. There is no need for a directional or elaborate aerial to pick up the signal. Portable radios, and some tuners, generally have a ferrite rod aerial internally which is directional and it is usually a matter of turning the set round to get the best signal and lose the 'CB radio' effect. I once had a tuner which had the ferrite rod aerial mounted on the back of the unit so it could swivelled into the best position (Sony?).Some sets have a small loop aerial which is similarly rotatable. AM from a tuner is not really a good solution for radio reception.

As far as TalkSport is concerned, although it is a low bit rate transmission the reception from a DAB radio it is going to be infinitely better than listening on AM with its susceptibility to picking up interferance. If you are 'down the road' from an AM transmitter you should need much of an aerial at all.
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