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I'm trying to get Tv on my computer.. I have this indoor aerial:

According to a search on the web in my post code I would not actually get all the 1-5 channels on freeview, only the BBC ones, whereas with analogue I'd get all 5..

I'm not too good with these things, but I was wondering if a freeview aerial like the one I've got at the moment picks up analogue and digital or just one..

Thanks very much.

Chris Muriel

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It will cover all the UHF TV band (Band IV and band V), so will work equally well (or badly) for analogue or digital channels.
A dedicated UHF only one might work better as it would be designed for just that; the one you linked combines VHF as well.
An indoor aerial never works as well as an outdoor one.
A correctly sited loft aerial is a compromise between the 2 extremes.

Chris Muriel, Manchester

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