Indie IRK5 vs Tokai RG40


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Looking for a new cheapish guitar and I am torn between the Indie IRK5 and the Tokai RG40, both similar in style and based upon a famous guitar manufacturer ;)

Any recommendations or experience of either guitar?


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I can't comment on either of those two specifically, but I can say that the first guitar I ever bought was an 80's Tokai Les Paul (love rock) and it is still one of the best feeling & sounding Les Paul's I've ever played, better than a lot of Gibson USA ones i've owned/played. The quality and construction is fantastic. I still own it to this day even tho I've got other real Gibsons

I know the recent (2000's) Tokai Les Paul's arent of quite the same quality as the 80's ones, but they are still better than a lot of the cheaper Les Paul copies, so I dont think you would be disappointed with the Tokai RG40. It's also got a more accurate-shaped headstock than the Indie


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I actually just sold my 1984 Tokai Goldstar Stratocaster which was made in Japan and Flamingo Orange an absolute beauty and you're right about the quality, but it was wasted on 3 chord me lol. So my heart is telling me the Tokai too but the fact it's a bit more expensive than what I can get the Indie for :facepalm:


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Ended up getting the Indie IRK5 as it was half the price of the Tokai.
Have to say very pleased with it and would recommend to anyone looking for that Ricky sound but can't quite afford one. :thumbsup:


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Looking at the IRK5 myself mate? out of interest, how you finding it?
Any good UK dealers and what did it cost you?

Still can't put it down :laugh:
I got mines of e-bay auction for £150 although 2nd hand it was only about a year old and never been played. There's one on there just now but it's £299.
I think most online shops were quoting about £350 new.

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