Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom


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Finally after 18 years have seen the uncut version of this film. You can see how this forced the MPAA to create the PG-13 rating.

The heart removal is longer, as you see the hands go in and a trickle of blood, then the wound heal over. You see far more of the heart in Mola Ram's hand and the victim screaming as he's lowered into the volcanic pit. There is more footage of him burning inside the cage, too.

Also, there's extra material in the scene when Indy is flogged with his own whip. You see his shirt rip on one stroke. Also Short Round is also whipped by the young Maharaja. Indy yell's "leave him alone you bastards", while this happens.

As and when this comes out on DVD (yes that old chestnut again ;) ) it will be interesting what the BBFC will do for the UK release. I can't see them waiving the cuts to the PG version, as the material is still quite strong, but I could see it getting through uncut if it was reclassified as a 12.

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Presumably the R1 will be uncut so stuff the BBFC :cool:


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A colleague of mine has a Japanese Laser Disc boxset of the whole trilogy.

I believe these are the source of the Malaysian Region 0 DVD's that are currently in circulation at the moment.

For those that are considering buying these "unofficial" copies, only those labelled "DVD 9" are taken from the Laser Disc sources.

Some are mastered from NTSC video!

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