Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures (Deluxe Edition)


Apr 21, 2001
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The best thief you'll never see.
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beware it may not be the uk release but an european release
beware it may not be the uk release but an european release
If sold by Amazon (likely since it's a lightning deal), why wouldn't it be UK?
sold by amazon but sold by third party this item has been op for years look at 1 star reviews of this item verified buyers state it's the standard blu ray case not as per picture. just saying.
as seller is based in france so another reason for doubting if uk release
The lightning sale hasn't started yet, so that might not even be the seller relevant to the lightning sale. Come lightning sale it could be stock from a completely different seller.

Also, regarding the 1 star reviews there is no way to tell which seller/listing they are complaining about. All of the Blu-ray reviews get grouped together regardless of seller.
It is being sold by the one who was there before the deal came up and down an other £10 to £49.99.
£49.99 for prime members.
BTW I wont be getting it I have all 4 on/in Steelbooks.
Bah that was hardly worth it.
Same price for non-prime people as well. I suspect bruce-leroy clicked the link during the first 30 mins when it was initially only available to prime members to buy.
The standard box set is £12 on Amazon, so even with the price reduction it's an extra £37.99 for the loot.
It'd have to contain the actual Holy Grail at that price!
beware it may not be the uk release but an european release

That would actually be a good thing seeing as only the UK release is cut.
What was cut on the UK release? I thought Temple of Doom is now uncut?

Temple of Doom in uncut but the Raiders documentary is cut.

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