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I’m an adventurous archaeologist … get me out of here!

Seriously, folks, for these movies I think we can happily jettison the plot synopsis, so let’s just crack the whip and join Indiana Jones, surely the greatest teacher you could ever wish for (coz he’s hardly ever in school, is he?), as he ducks, dives and dodges his way through the most action-packed, edge-of-the-seat series of adventures that Cinema has ever been bold enough to hurl at us.

All the movies in one sumptuous and highly prized Blu-ray boxset! It’s a treasure-trove that none of us has to dig too deeply to procure, and all of us should have in our collection.

Arks, Grails, sacred supernatural stones … and skulls from the space between space!

One thing’s for certain, Time Team was never like this!

Combining the thrills and spills of the 30’s...

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Novice Member
Great review, delighted to have this on blu-ray at last. Was disappointed the was no THX calibrator in this box set, I didn't get one in my Star Wars box set either. Do they not offer this anymore I wonder. And would of loved 7.1 soundtrack.


Distinguished Member
Nice review.

Interesting marks given so many seem to rate TOD lower than 1 and 3. My own marks would be quite similar to yours though.

Saw Raiders on the large IMAX screen the other month. Didn't wow me as much as Jaws did with a number of scenes looking soft and warm, colour wise. I'm guessing i won't find anything distracting when I watch it on a smaller screen though.

Will possibly wait for the individual releases or pick up the set for a bargain basement £20 in the Jan sales:D


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A great review, I agree 100% with you, including TOD being my favourite too. The first time I saw Lao Che on this disc I thought wow... they've done a superb job with this boxset.


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Superb Review!

I must say that the only negative I found with the Audio/Visual side of things was that the low end was a little too distracting in Raiders. Almost a little overdone during the fight scenes etc..., and then watching Temple straight after, this one sounded quite light on the low end making it difficult to have the soundtracks flow from movie to movie.

Still a fantastic job done in the restoration though!


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The reason for that is that when they redid the soundtrack for Raiders they brought the bass up to modern specs, so the film has a hell of a lot more low end than it used to. The only problem is that which you pointed out - the other two films in the original series sound quite anaemic by comparison.

I have to say I was slightly distracted by the revised Raiders grading. I can see why it was done, as it brings it in line with the other films visually, but it's just a bit too orange for my liking. Of course the additional resolution/clarity really highlights the out of focus shots, but it was a quick and dirty shoot and they've always been there. The good certainly outweighs the bad though, and the bad is mostly personal preference.

Seems to be a fair bit of fuss being kicked up about the aliasing in the sequels though (especially Last Crusade).


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Just watched opening sequence of Raiders and I think they've done a fantastic restoration. I felt as if I was watching this for the first time. Personally, I think the sound is awesome - William's score has got so much punch now, full of drama. Very pleasantly surprised indeed! :clap:


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These films are amazing. Some of the high def scenes are better than films from 2012. I'm amazed. What a ride.

I'm watching the last crusade first as its my favourite. I'm very impressed indeed. On my new Panny ST50 it just blows my mind


I just spun the disc up for a quick look and did not think the picture was that great although not having the room in low lighting, the one thing that imprest me more was the soundtrack I thought that ball was coming though the living room.

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