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Oct 8, 2002
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I looked up raiders of the lost ark on and you can get it on has any body got it or seen it
hmmm velly interwesting... although I would guess it's a mistake. Can't get on at the mo so I can't tell you.
It is either a mistake or it could be they are going to get it in, as I do not speak German I have no idea (been to and it is there).

But I have been to and I get nothing on there search engine.
Using an "iffy" translation tool, I managed to determine the following, about "IJATTOD".

English translation
Yet Verà does not ffentlicht: This title did not appear yet on DVD. We send you however gladly a message, as soon as it is verfügbar. Off in the cinemaGrößeres pictureStarting from EUR 20 we übernehmen postage. All details find you here

I think that points to the fact that the trilogy are NOT available
These guys have the 3 disk set for $35 :

BUT there's something really wrong with their pricing. Stuff's just too cheap on their site - new release dvd's are $13 !! They may be selling dodgy stuff. I want to order the Indy Collection but I'm feeling a bit apprehensive about ordering from these guys !

I don't want to slander anyone but they TOO cheap... I imagine their Indy's are the same as the Star Wars Trilogy you can get on Ebay ie dodgy.
I think the same nice pirates deal with indy!

In the contact page, all contacts are by e-mail. No phone number or bricks and mortar address...


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