Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Motion Picture Score CD Review

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Reviewed by Chris McEneany
If you are a fan and follower of John Williams, then this score is definitely what you tend to expect from the composer. All his trademarks are here with flourish. However, this is still a huge disappointment in that no single track sounds unique or refreshing, and that there is no new theme to become synonymous with the fourth instalment. Instead, Williams seems content to crowd his music with the same self-conscious sound that made much of his work for the first and second Harry Potters and the latest Star Wars trio ungainly, laborious and ultimately quite boring. The last score that I reviewed before this was for the pilot episode of TV’s Buck Rogers In The 25th Century – a soundtrack that lasts for less than half of Crystal Skull’s running time yet contains more energy, style, individuality, wit and pure satisfaction. The sooner John Williams shakes off his Star Wars obsession, the better. A disappointment all round from someone who could, perhaps, have salvaged something from Indy's poorest outing.
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It's growing on me more and more this score. It's just so great to hear so many quotes of the Raider's March and the lovely Marion's theme throughout the score. Just like Indy, it's like being visited by old friends. IMO the soundtrack is a decent attempt to score what I feel, overall, was a disappointing film. Maybe further viewings will improve the film though. Only time will tell.
More so than the movies themselves though, soundtracks usually take several listens to really get to know, become familiar with and hopefully discover where those, if any, goosebump-inducing transcendental moments of music are. John Williams' scores are no exception to this listening process either and often, even more so.
I'll keep on listening and enjoying for now....



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One of the worst original scores ever by John Williams ( as in he hasn't added anything new or anything that we haven't heard before )....All he has done is rip off his past scores for the previous three movies and it doesn't help that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was such a poor Indiana Jones film with very bad pacing and bad attempts at humour.

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