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Reviewed by Andrew Mogford, 12th October 2008
Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull has been met with some very mixed reviews but it is very hard to see why. Yes, the film has its faults but the most honest thing I can say about it is that it doesn’t feel out of place when compared with the other three films at all.
None of this series has been perfect, despite the nostalgic tinge that we have tended to view them with, and there is more than enough here to keep you entertained. Ford and Lebouef put in superb performances, although it is a shame that Blanchett lets proceedings down so badly, and that Marion is not written as the character that we know and love.
But the film is enthused with an amazing energy courtesy of the ever youthful Spielberg and it is his influence which manages, just, to save this film and make it a worthy entry into the franchise. Infinitely more successful than the recent Star Wars sequels, this is a film that is absolutely worthy of your attention.
On disc, the film receives near superlative treatment and is probably one of the best discs I have had the pleasure to review so far. Receiving top notch audio and visual treatment, and extras that bring new meaning to the word comprehensive any fan of the film is likely to want for nothing else. There is nothing I can think of that could improve this.
However, as always there is a caveat and that is that it is inevitable that somewhere down the line the older films will appear – and this is likely to be in a box set with this film. So, should those who are unsure wait? My honest answer is no. These films appeared on DVD relatively late in the formats lifecycle so it could be some time before we see them in HD. It is true the HD masters exist (they have been shown on BBC HD), but until the box set, this is the only way to see Indy on Blu-ray and the quality of the disc means even casual fans should purchase. If you hated the film, well realistically nothing here is going to change your mind.
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the dvd boxset PQ was very good one of the best conversion jobs i have seen on DVD on BLU-RAY:eek:

i liked the Crystal Skull :smashin:
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I have the US (Region A) and the picture quality is brilliant. On of the best Blu-Rays ever.

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